Returning to the stage…and striving for balance

upcoming show  -   Noble Evening in the Garden feat. Live Music from Chad Mills

Hey friends….  So this may come as a big surprise…but I kinda miss playing music.

Back in September of last year, I announced I’d be taking some time off from performing.  I wasn’t sure how long.  I didn’t really have a plan.  With the exception of a few private shows and church, that’s been the case.  It’s actually been really nice.

I don’t miss the stress of blowing through the door to the house like a hurricane after work, only to grab my guitar and head back out.  I don’t miss being gone nearly every weekend evening.  I can actually spend those nights as I wish…and quiet nights in with the family are tough to beat.  But I do miss performing.  I miss seeing my friends at shows.  I miss connecting.

So my goal for this year is to ease back into things.  Not 3 shows a week like I’ve done the last several years…maybe more like a couple a month.

I believe Joellen wants this for me (or maybe she just wants me out of the house).  And the girls seem ok with it.  As young as they are, I think they understand that this is part of who I am.  So I’m striving for something I think I lacked in the past…BALANCE.

So I’ve got a few things on the books already.  And I’m excited about every one of them.  I think being more selective about which shows I take is going to make a big difference in maintaining my spirit for playing.  I get to play in my hometown of Zionsville on one of my favorite holidays – St. Patty’s!  I get to play the evening of Carb Day at Daredevil Brewing right outside the track!  I’m reuniting with the band at the end of April to take part in another Tom Waits Tribute show!  Playing a Songwriter Showcase in Fountain Square the week before that.  And in May, I’m returning to perform at the Virginia Avenue Folk Fest!

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys gave me last year.  I absolutely felt your love and support and for that, I was so grateful.  As many of you pointed out, music is so much a part of who I am.  I’m not sure that I can ever completely walk away.

So keep an eye out for some shows…and I’ll look forward to hopefully seeing some of your faces next month.

Thanks, as always, for your support…


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